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Landscaping Ideas for the Garden

People with a garden in their home do not necessarily need professional help to make the best use of this. Landscaping ideas for the garden With a research about, you can do this yourself and have a stylish garden. In addition to using plenty of plants in the garden, you can arrange your garden in a beautiful way with walkways, pebbles, bricks, gazebos or camellias. Although it is very important to create a natural look, having a certain order will also provide ease of use. The gardens will also offer the opportunity to spend time alone with pleasant nature for the person who is interested in regularly seeking care.

Landscaping Ideas for a Natural-Looking Garden

You should create certain areas for plants in your garden and you should not let them go out of these areas. You can arrange your walkway with bricks or pebbles. This way you also divide the garden into sections. You can create a stylish and comfortable sitting area with the gazebo you will build in a suitable place in the garden and the garden furniture you will put in it. Landscaping ideas for the garden including planting evergreen trees in your garden. In this way, you can have trees that are green every day of the year. You can have a very natural look with the ivy you will plant to cover one wall of the garden. You may also consider organic farming in part of your garden. For this purpose, you can grow different vegetables for each season after you surround the section you will reserve with stones.

You Can Arrange The Garden Raised

If you like to have a garden but do not want to be ordinary, you can raise the parts you have reserved for plants in your garden with wooden borders. This garden landscaping ideas stands out creatively among. You can have a beautiful garden with the lands you fill in these wooden sections and the plants you will plant. Lighting issue is also very important in garden arrangement. With the small lamps that give natural light to the different corners of the garden, you can get a stylish garden view at night, and you can use your imagination to create your own style.

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Balcony Decoration with Hanging Balcony Flowers

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15 November 2020

When we say design on balconies, flowers are the first thing that comes to mind. Flowers add a completely different dimension to the environment by beautifying their environment. The flowers grown in the garden in the house, especially in the balcony, both change the atmosphere in the environment and give a very beautiful and different appearance. Especially hanging balcony flowers designs give very nice looks. You should determine which type of hanging balcony flower suits you and get information about that flower. Otherwise, you can fade the flowers by not being able to do flower care when you do not know. The most preferred species to use hanging flowers on the balcony are petunia flowers with their rapid growth. You can get better care by choosing the right flowers.

How to Make Flower Decoration on Balconies?

One of the most important points to consider when decorating balconies is the area. The size and size of the area is extremely important. When your space is large, you can choose products that reflect your free spirit without narrowing it down. Flowers will be an extraordinary choice for these preferences. For decoration, you can choose pendant pots hanging from the ceiling on the balconies. This will not take up space and will provide very nice looks.Hanging balcony flowers It adds extremely different colors in balcony decoration and enlivens the environment. If you are thinking of a decoration for your balconies, you can complete it with flowers. If you have a closed balcony, you can also use LED lighting for this balcony.

Dangling Flower Decoration for French Balconies

As we all know, it is extremely easy to decorate places with hanging flowers in an average area. But if it comes to balconies that are small or have no space, this can be a little more difficult.Hanging balcony flowers can be decorated in flower pots attached to the iron bars of your French balcony. This will look extremely beautiful in terms of beauty. The flowers, which are indispensable for dim and French balconies, are called ‘cambrian’. This flower can be grown even in tiny light. It will be enough to take only the afternoon sun for this flower that loves moist and fertilized soil. Another option, one of the indispensable flowers of the French balloon, is known as chrysanthemum. If you are going to make decorations for your balconies, make choices by paying attention to the fact that the flowers you choose depend on the suitable environment.

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Dangling balcony flower decor Dangling balcony flowers

What Are Wrought Iron Garden Furniture Models?

Wrought iron garden furniture models If you are wondering how, then you are the right place! First of all, let’s talk about what is wrought iron. Wrought iron is actually a phrase we use to describe an iron alloy. This alloy is wrought iron with less carbon in contrast to cast iron. In this way, although the life of garden furniture made with wrought iron varies according to how it is looked after, it is much more durable and longer lasting than wooden furniture. Therefore, wrought iron models are frequently encountered in garden furniture. Since it is cast iron, you should not assume it only has gray or black colors. These models, which can generally be in white color, are very useful and nice looking models. If you are ready now, we will show you wrought iron garden furniture models.

Wrought Iron Garden Furniture

What Are Wrought Iron Garden Furniture Models?

Wrought iron garden furniture models Although it comes across quite differently, the overall appearance it presents is the same. When using wrought iron garden models, we recommend you to use the most white models. The reason for this is that it will look very nice and remarkable in the lush garden. In addition, the wrought iron models in white create a more vintage look. It is very important for which house you use when gardening. For example, if you are staying in a small chalet then you should choose a garden furniture where you and your spouse can have a romantic time. That’s why we recommend two-person wrought iron sets. If you are not inviting guests and going on romantic getaways, it would be better to have two.

If you are choosing garden furniture for your summer residence, then we recommend models that are white vintage again. However, the important thing here is that the table should have at least four people. Not many people will come to places like chalets or huts, and your guest will not be. However, everyone will want to stay with you in summer houses. That’s why you should choose tables as big as possible and give everyone a seat. If you have a large family here, we recommend that you use two different tables. You can have another small table set for four on one of the porches, especially at the back. This will also be very nice. Because it is white, it will still look very nice no matter how much the exterior design of your home changes.

Wrought Iron Garden Furniture

Other Wrought Iron Garden Furniture Samples

Seating groups such as wrought iron garden seating groups can of course be among the most common models. The wrought iron garden group is something especially when you should use it for your own home. We highly recommend it to anyone living in a detached house. The reason for this, as you can imagine, can be visited by all household members. Therefore, whichever comes, will want to sit outside if the weather is good. You can use a seating group such as a black seating group. This black seating group is especially great for your main house where you stay in summer and winter. The middle table is indispensable for these seating groups. We can see these tables sometimes with glass and sometimes only as cast iron.

When talking about garden furniture, it is not possible to talk about the swing. If you look at the balcony with pink furniture, you will see a very beautiful example of wrought iron garden furniture. You can make a very nice garden with these furniture. Especially if you have a small child, this style of swing chairs will be very popular. When choosing these cushions and colors in garden furniture, it is very important to choose them in the same designs and patterns so that they all look harmonious and whole. Also, if you are going to place it in the middle of the garden, then we recommend that you be constantly on the lookout for rain. Although we do not always encounter mats in wrought iron models, we strongly recommend that you use cushions for the comfort of your own and your family.

Wrought Iron Garden Furniture Wrought Iron Garden Furniture Wrought Iron Garden Furniture Wrought Iron Garden Furniture Wrought Iron Garden Furniture Wrought Iron Garden Furniture Wrought Iron Garden Furniture Wrought Iron Garden Furniture Wrought Iron Garden Furniture Wrought Iron Garden Furniture

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Different Patio Models

Different patio models If you are wondering what could happen then you are in the right place! Now, as you can see in our images, we will show you many different and quite different types of patio models. If you are wondering how different patio models can be, the answer to this question is actually quite easy. It is not only the design of the open or closed patios, but also how you decorate it. You can also look at our many different garden furniture articles related to this topic on our page. In addition, since we have different visuals, you will have no difficulty in choosing the most suitable patio model and decoration that will suit you. Now, if you are ready, let’s talk about different patio models.

Different Patio Models

Different Patio Models

Different patio models Thanks to quite different designs, it includes models that decorate your dreams and provide you with that patio model you desire. When we look at different verandas, the first material we see is of course wooden ones. We recommend wooden patio models especially for forest houses. You will have a veranda that is in harmony with nature. Regardless of a large or small garden, you can use this patio model very comfortably. While designing your patio, making wood will also provide convenience in decoration. You can also take advantage of the wooden verandas if you want a more classic and family atmosphere. Here, the color of the wood is very important. For example, a dark wood gives a much more retro atmosphere, while light woods will give a more modern atmosphere.

For example, when you look at the classic two-storey prefabricated American house with white wood, you remember those houses you saw on TV and documentary. However, the use of white here diversifies the items to be placed on the verandas of those houses. For example, they can use black colored garden furniture because it is white wood. White and black will create a very harmonious contrast. Likewise, they can use white furniture. For example, you can place a flower patterned cushion on a white cast iron furniture. This will look pretty nice. Since it will be an open veranda, we recommend that you pay attention to the rainy seasons. In addition, since wood will be more affected by rain, its maintenance is also very important in homes with open verandas.

Different Patio Models

Indoor Patio Models

Although open veranda models seem different from each other in design, the design of closed verandas can change much more. The reason for this is that although some closed verandas are glass, some are semi-closed. So, like a sliding wardrobe, you either fully open it or completely close it to the outside. Therefore, when looking at the closed patio models, you should be very careful about which one you want. If you have a house that receives a lot of rain and wind, then you can choose completely closed patio models. In this way, you will be able to protect your home from the outside and keep the heat of the house inside more. However, if you want to continue with the view against the adversity of these weather conditions, then you can turn to glass-covered patio models.

Of course, glass covered patio models also have a bad side. It also needs to be cleaned frequently. However, if you buy dirt-repellent glass models, you can find a solution to this problem. In addition, if you do not want to be seen outside while you are sitting inside, then you can also choose mirror glass models and you can stay hidden from outside. The beauty of the glazed patio models is that you can watch and relax with peace of mind while you are inside. We often see glazed patio models in apartment balconies as well as in detached houses. If your place has a drier climate then we strongly recommend glass patio models.

Different Patio Models Different Patio Models Different Patio Models Different Patio Models Different Patio Models Different Patio Models Different Patio Models Different Patio Models Different Patio Models Different Patio Models

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Decoration Ideas for Garden Lighting

Decorating ideas for garden lighting We shared all the ideas you need in this article on. It is our dream to live in a house with a garden. Maybe it’s because we desire to have a house with a garden. You may want to have a private garden where our soul is bored with reinforced concrete structures with abundant greenery. Houses with gardens always absorb you and you find peace. In addition, the garden is suitable for all seasons, you may want to drink tea outside by taking advantage of the warm air and scent of spring flowers. If you have a garden and are unsure about decoration, you can have a beautiful garden with some decorative ideas.When it comes to garden decor, garden lighting is very important in terms of decor.

Planning a Garden

Decorating ideas for garden lighting Once you have it, you can start by positioning sconces and lanterns in different areas. For example, if you have a small pond in your garden, you can create a magnificent view by installing small LED lights on the edges to highlight it. Of course, the walkway, tree branches and the lighting between the flowers make this view even more beautiful. When you enable them to be illuminated by pouring pebbles between them, you can make them distinct by making a separate lighting emphasis. You can use sconce and pendant lamps on the walls of your garden. By using pendant lamps and lanterns, you can light your trees and provide a romantic look. In this way, you can make your garden lightings yourself without anyone’s help and have a unique garden.

Decorating Ideas For Garden Lighting

Decorating ideas for garden lighting After getting and decorating it, illuminate the other places in your garden. If you have a gazebo or pergola, you can also use it to illuminate these areas. The tiny LED strips and lanterns that you will hang from the gazebo will color your garden as well as add a stylish atmosphere. We recommend installing garden posts for your walkways and alleyways. In this way, you can get a nice atmosphere and provide lighting. If you obtain these lighting lights from solar energy systems, you will not only save money but also cause no cable clutter and visual pollution. These systems are also sold under the name of solar lighting in DIY stores. With these ideas, you can give your garden a beautiful look and use it easily.

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Decoration Suggestions for Small Balcony

Decoration suggestions for a small balcony Speaking of, we usually think of sunny cities because the people here use the balconies more. It can be said that those with suitable balconies spend most of their time here, they watch television, eat food and receive guests. For all these, you may want to make your own balcony decoration. You can have a pleasant time on the balcony with the help of a small balcony decoration. It is assumed that the geometry of the balcony is important before the renovation. Generally the balconies are rectangular and sometimes we can see square balconies. Recently oval balconies have become popular. To make the balcony more spacious, you can decorate floral works according to the shape of the balcony.

Decoration Suggestions for Small Balconies

Decoration suggestions for a small balcony Let’s continue giving flowers. You can use balcony iron and balcony wall to plant flowers on your balcony.Do not forget that there are many alternatives to flower pots that can be used in a narrow area. With lighting, you can use the balcony not only during the day but also at night. Instead of using classical lighting methods, you can use lanterns and candle-like lighting to create different atmospheres. These will add a magnificent atmosphere to your balcony. Your balcony wall is one of the most important areas for balcony decoration. It would be more correct to say the face of the balcony. We should definitely use the wall while decorating. The colorful carpets you will use on the small balcony will add vitality to the environment. In addition, you can also lay the floor with wood that is not affected by moisture. This way you also get a bigger image.

How to Use Small Balconies

Decoration suggestions for a small balcony How should we use our balcony at the end of our article? Let’s talk about this a little bit. Before decorating your balcony, you should decide in advance for what purpose you will use the balcony. In our country, where balcony culture is intense, balconies are sometimes used as cellars or storage areas. Sometimes there are people who feed their animals on the balcony. We should design our balconies with variable functions in whatever way we will use them. Balcony decor needs a large area to decorate the balcony. You can get efficiency according to whatever process you will do after providing this area and the necessary renovations and lines are drawn. So, by going back to the beginning, you won’t be disappointed.

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Glass Balcony Decoration Ideas

Ideas for glass balcony decoration Many suggestions can be made under the heading. We can add a few more in these places, which are determined according to the tastes of more people. A big factor in choosing a house in general, balconies create a very useful space in the house. It is very important as it connects one point of the house with the open air. A morning breakfast or an evening coffee on a summer morning will become more enjoyable on your balconies.

Glass Balcony Decoration

Ideas for glass balcony decoration The most important and most important of all, are the seats and chairs. An armchair or comfortable chair that will fit the balcony will revitalize the balcony. Although most people cannot spend the whole day here because they go to work during the day, it will be quite good to relieve work fatigue in the evening and sit in a quiet, calm balcony in the environment.

  • One of the most important decor elements of glass balconies is lighting. It is necessary to create an environment that does not take too much and tire the eye and it should be neither too yellow nor too white. The lights you can find in different designs will add movement to your balcony.
  • A corner seat, a berjer-style seat, is an ideal type of seat to sit in the gentle wind, in an evening cool. It will not take up much space on your balcony.
  • Plants and flowers placed in certain places in different styles and sizes will combine with the wind blowing on your balcony and give you the feeling of being in nature.

Things to Consider in Glass Balcony Decorations

In this structure, it is necessary to pay attention to the glass edge in the balconies. It will be very useful to determine the decoration after taking the precaution that it is safer and more robust. Ideas for glass balcony decoration Another point that should be taken into consideration for the decoration is that it is the best option that the decoration does not squeeze your balcony, does not cover it completely and leaves you a space. Thus, when you step onto the balcony, you will not constrict, but relax. In short,

  • Durability of Your Balcony,
  • Decoration items are spacious,
  • Window side,

Substances are key points you should pay attention to on your balcony. When all of these are taken into consideration, the most suitable balcony environment will be created for you.

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Decoration suggestions for pleasure in the garden and balcony – Home

Decoration is very important in the garden and balcony. There are interesting ideas especially for those who like to spend time and relax in these sections …

Create your own pleasure areas with outdoor furniture and accessories, if available in the garden or on the balcony, and get ready to enjoy the upcoming good weather.

Styles that shed light on home decoration are getting ready to meet the open air with the season. Are you ready to equip all open areas from garden to balcony, from patio to terrace with furniture, lighting and accessories suitable for outdoor use?


If you do not want to have furniture in different colors distorted from the sun, you can choose the color of your garden furniture. light color you should choose.

If your furniture will be wooden, rather than walnut and cherry tones, open pine and maple tree and other light colored materials. If you are going to buy PVC furniture instead of dark wood or green colors, light wood tones or white you should prefer.

Thanks to the light colors to be used, you can be protected from both dirty appearance and unwanted color changes.

A Simple Mess.


Garden or open balconies are places that can get dust. Therefore, it is important to be able to clean the furniture easily at this point.

More in wooden furniture smooth surfacesplastic materials veiny and shiny surfaces If you do not prefer, the dust that will fill between the veins and roughness may make your furniture you have just bought look old and dirty.

Besides, the surface and pattern simple It also makes annual maintenance easier. Basket-like bamboo and knitted furniture can be tiring in terms of both cleaning and maintenance.


While furniture suitable for both indoor and outdoor use makes our lives easier, it also brings a long-lasting use. Decoration suggestions in the garden and balcony that’s where it comes in.

With their stylish and aesthetic appearance, the furniture you can easily use in your open spaces is also in demand with their resistance to weather conditions such as sun and moisture.



Weave textured furniture, which is the leading in outdoor designs, finds its place in many options from sofa to table.

This texture, which creates a striking appearance in outdoor spaces with different color options besides the natural color, is also at the forefront this season.


You need to decide on the ideal location for outdoor spaces that you will shape in line with your needs and expectations.

If you have a classical decoration concept, you can create a useful space with set furniture.

Seating groups consisting of triple, double and single pieces can create an ideal welcome area for your friends.

If you have space, you can also plan a comfortable corner with L seats and XL seats.

You can also provide a lively space with complementary furniture such as pouffes and benches.

Tent, Somfy.


  • First, you need to determine the damaged places of garden furniture. You can easily cover the worn parts of furniture with wood and metal protection products.
  • If your wooden furniture has not been used for a long time and has a lot of dust and dirt on it, you can use a pressure washer to clean them. This will be very practical for you, so you will both save time and not attempt a tiring job. If you cannot find a pressure washer, you can clean them with a wooden brush and water.
  • To make your teak furniture look better and shiny, you can lubricate it with teak oil or give it a stylish and modern look with wood protector.
  • Softwood species such as pine are susceptible to rotting and are not very resistant. In particular, you can keep the foot parts that are constantly in contact with the soil in a container filled with wood preservative for a day. You can apply teak oil or wood preservative to other parts with a brush. After making this application, you can leave your furniture to dry in the shade.


The positive effect of natural wood offers you and your loved ones comfort and elegance together. The pleasure trend continues in the garden. This season, mix the swings and daybeds with your sitting areas, and create your own cocoons with pots that you can keep in your green sitting areas.

Mudo Concept’s wide variety of 2020 garden and accessory collection will redesign your outdoor pleasure.


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What is balcony gardening? Answers to wondering questions

Landscape Architect Selen Oktan Tanyeri shared the answers to the curious questions about balcony gardening to Evim Magazine in her Instagram live broadcast.

Here are the highlights from the description of Landscape Architect Selen Oktan Tanyeri …


“Balcony gardening gained importance during the pandemic period, when we had to go out to the balcony with the warming of the weather.

In balcony gardening, it is first necessary to plan what you want to see. I first decoupaged my balcony, I had macrame wall ornaments and hung them. There were small wooden chests, I kept them so that I could put plants in them.

If you have a big balcony, maybe you can have a barbecue. You can include the eating and drinking part. Besides, plants must of course be. It could be kitchen plants, there could be vegetables and fruits in small pots. ”


“You may encounter many problems in balcony gardening. Like plant lice, you need to treat these problems tirelessly and keep your love and effort on your feet.

You can easily grow plants such as parsley and dill from seeds and they are very easy to care for. You can sow the seeds of these plants in pots. The pot does not need to be too deep.

You can plant plants such as tomatoes and peppers as seedlings until the end of May. ”


“Exhaust fumes, human effects etc. for growing organic plants. should not be. ”

Would you recommend the seeds purchased from the brand?

“Packaged ready seeds can be bought. Trusted brands have very good seeds. We all use them. ”


“Vertical gardens are a really nice solution for greening a wall, using the green texture while saving space. You can do this with professional help as large boards with an irrigation system, or if you want to make smaller yourself, you can put the short-rooted plants with soil in a wooden pot and put poultry wire on it so that the plant does not fall.

If you create such a vertical garden, you can irrigate it with a spraying system with a sprinkler. For this you need short-rooted and hardy plants.

For this, it is important to answer the questions such as where the facade of the building is facing, does the sun get too much, does it get wind, is it a sheltered place. Most plants do not like excessive wind. Therefore, a sheltered environment should be chosen. ”

For more information and details, you can watch the publication of Evim Magazine from the video below.


Don’t have a garden? Don’t be sad; You can turn your balcony into a garden. Don’t have a balcony? Do not worry about it; You can even turn your window into a garden. So there is no excuse, in any case you can go out to a garden. Colorful seasonal flowers in hanging pots, vegetables and fruits in horizontal pots and kitchen herbs can be grown to your help. They will be your best friend who lives with your love and your labor… It is also good to deal with plants and flowers. It is one of the most beautiful forms of therapy. Flowers caress both your eyes and your soul …

In this supplement, we have brought together potted plants and suggestions that you can create a garden in your home. We wish you days as colorful as your flowers …

TURN TERRACE, BALCONY, WINDOW INTO THE GARDENow into a tiny garden. Before you get started, check out our recommendations. Thanks to these basic information, your plants will be healthier and you will be happier.


Sure, you can turn the environment into a great garden in the months to come, but if you’re starting out for the first time, try a few easy-to-grow and maintain species. For example, you can start from kitchen herbs… Or with easy-care plants such as geranium and petunia… Don’t forget the succulent and cactus species… Then you can increase the species as you like and think big.


The most important point for a gardener! Observe the sun-shade position of the area you will plant. Check how much sun it gets at what times. Then list the plants you want to grow and write the sun and shade requests next to them. After comparing, select your plant and plant it. In this way, you will give less waste. Remember;
It is not possible for us to grow every plant we like or want.


When you go to another country or city, you bought the plant you liked and came to your home. You planted it with great enthusiasm, but it faded after a few months. These scenes are very common, don’t worry. Find out in advance which climate the plant you like adapts to. If the conditions in your area are not suitable, you may lose it. As we always say;
shop from the nurseries in your area.


Balcony gardening If your area is small while making it, grow plants in 3 different colors in addition to the evergreen plants. In this way, you prevent the area from looking too complex.
Of course, you can use different shades of the same color.


One of the most important rules when choosing a flower pot is to check the drain hole. Because the excess water accumulated in the pots and not absorbed by the soil may cause your plant to get sick. Let’s say you like a flower pot but there is no drainage hole, it is not possible to open it. Then tiny pebbles to the bottom
so that the excess water drains and accumulates under the pot.


If you want to grow your plants from seed, the sticks with the name of the plant and the water request written on the pots you planted or
Prepare cards. Thus, you do not forget which plant is in which pot and do not care for it incorrectly.


If you keep evergreen plants in a few pots, you will have a green image all year round. You can support these plants with colorful seasonal flowers and vegetables and fruits.


Balcony gardening The choice of pot is as important as the choice of plants. You can choose large pots for fruits, vegetables and shrubs. You can save space by planting hanging plants in hanging baskets. If you cannot spare a lot of time, pots with watering devices are a bit more expensive, but you
It can save you a huge burden. Choose a pot suitable for your plant’s root structure and growth rate.


Some plants require fertilizer or plant food regularly, others 1-2 times a year. Make sure to identify the ‘food’ needs of the plants you are growing and write them down.


Check your plants’ flowers, leaves, and fruit and vegetables frequently. A brown spot you will see or the leaves that start to darken can be a sign of a disease. If simple precautions are not enough, you may need to consult a specialist and apply medication.

15 new ideas

If you want to bring a new touch to your balcony or terrace, get ready to meet with 15 new ideas.

You can create a private workshop on a part of your balcony to conveniently perform seasonal pot changes or new flower planting.


If your balcony, one step back from the garden, is large enough, you can create an open-air kitchen. You can use this episode as an excuse to spend more time outside on summer days.

Open air kitchen


Among the plant species that wrap and wrap the balcony facade, flowering species are among the sine qua non. If your seasonal conditions are suitable, you can add bougainvillea to the top of the list with its pink-purple flowers.

Bougainvillea on the balcony


One of the indispensable habits of summer days is the tables set on the balcony. Don’t forget to include cut flower arrangements on your table while planning your open air invitations.

Cut flowers on the table


The easiest solution to meet the green texture of the balcony is to use plants in pots. Pay attention to the same color and material harmony while determining your flower pots. So you can get a decorative image.


It is important to choose textile products that complement the balcony furniture on summer days. You should choose fabric types that do not fade in the sun and are resistant to weather conditions. At the same time, if you prefer light tones instead of patterned fabric, you can get the feeling of a more spacious and spacious place.


Use the power of colors to create an extraordinary and fun place. Choose flooring and furniture in vibrant shades. However, do not create confusion when combining colors.


Among the decorative details, lanterns, bird cages and small water pools help you add vitality to the decoration of your balcony. While using them, bring the space together with the flowers.

Decorative items


Metal furniture will undoubtedly be an ideal choice for those who like minimal lines.

Metal furniture


You can break the transition between the balcony wall surface and the hard floor surface with the plants you use in pots.


You can use species such as privet, Pittosporum tobira, among the ball-shaped plants, in flowerpots on the balcony. With these evergreen plants, you can maintain a green view on your balcony for all seasons.


You can create a green texture all around the balcony by creating a vertical garden. In this way, thousands of shades of green can come to life outside of flowerpots.


When choosing furniture for your balcony, first make a plan; Determine transition areas and usage areas. You can choose the ideal size furniture for your balcony by sticking to these dimensions.


If you want to make your balcony that you plan against the view a little more decorative, then take advantage of the power of the wraparound plants. Instead of flowering plants that remain in a certain period of time, evergreen species maintain their vitality in all four seasons, the choice is yours.


If you like natural textures, you should choose products that bear the traces of this style in the accessories and furniture you choose. In this way, you can achieve integrity in your balcony.