Can I Change the Feet of My Seats

Can I Change the Feet of My Seats? Many people want to change the legs of their seats due to the seat leg model or height or breakage. Many people want to change the legs of their seats themselves, because there will be costly labor or sofa workshops do not come to repair this because it is a cheap occupation for them. You cannot change his feet in every seat.

For example, it is not possible to do this in wooden sofa sets. In wooden sofa sets, the seat frame is complete, the frame and legs are fixed as a whole. The feet of this style of seats do not change.

Seat models that you can change feet can change the feet of the sofa sets covered with fabric on all sides, which are called closed, and if you have a seat model with one leg in each corner without a wooden base, you can change the foot of your seat with another foot model according to your taste or from a floor workshop. you can change it by asking for help.

chair leg change
Wood-based base seat model

If you have a seat with the model you will see below, it is possible to change the seat legs with your own means if you trust your hand skills.

chair leg change

Where can you find this style of sofa legs?

If there is a place that sells seat upholstery materials in your place, or in construction markets such as Bauhause, Koçtaş, Tekzen, or online sales sites, Hepsiburada, N11, gittigidiyor, trendyol, you can find armchair foot models according to your taste.

Before buying

Before buying a foot for your seats, you can also choose a few centimeters of the foot on your seat, which is comfortable for cleaning. It should not be too high. Sitting comfort may be a problem due to too high feet. Sitting and standing up may be a problem due to high feet.

Some seat leg models we have selected for you