7 Decorating Tips for Abundance in Homes with Feng Shui

7 Decoration Tips for Prosperity in Homes with Feng Shui

Feng shui is a question that has remained popular for many years. This philosophy, based on an ancient Chinese doctrine, is a practice applied by those who want to increase fertility, efficiency and positive energy in their homes.

As Doğtaş, the address of stylish furniture, we have compiled those who are curious about feng shui, which means decorating living spaces in harmony with natural energies.

Feng Shui Nedir?

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Feng shui means “wind” and “water” in Chinese and is an ancient Chinese teaching based on the placement of items in a living space in a way that balances with nature. The main purpose of feng shui philosophy is to create a harmony between the individual and his environment by using energetic powers.

Feng shui teachings argue that people can increase fertility, establish happier relationships, live healthier and gain abundant income by arranging their living spaces according to their existential characteristics and in accordance with certain rules.

Feng shui nedir?The importance of symbolism in this philosophy should not be overlooked while looking for an answer to the question. There are many symbols of feng shui teaching and various meanings of these symbols in Asian culture. They can be used symbolically in homes, can be found on objects, and even worn as accessories. The most common feng shui symbols are:

Chinese ying yang sign

Yin yang symbolizes that forces that are apparently opposite to each other can actually be complementary and mutually interdependent.

In the Ying yang symbol, black represents “yin” and white represents “yang.” Examples are winter-summer, light-dark, life-death, yin and yang. In feng shui home decoration, yin yang symbolizes that our homes are inseparable from our inner lives.

Bagua is the feng shui energy map and can be depicted in different ways. However, one of the classical feng shui baguas is the I-Ching, the “Book of Change”, which consists of eight three complete or half lines.

Another feng shui symbol made up of four emblems depicts the four guardian animals (dragon, phoenix, turtle, tiger). When feng shui teaching was developed, one of the main goals was to keep and protect a campus or city. Therefore, these animal figures, which can be found in houses and on different objects, mean the protection of the house.

Feng Shui Renkler

Feng shui home decoration The importance of colors when applying is indisputable. According to this ancient Chinese teaching, colors have powerful energies and effects on people. Therefore, it is very important to use colors correctly and to provide antage while decorating the house. Negative and unwanted effects may occur when wrong colors are used in the wrong proportions in the rooms.

For example, if there is too much red in a room, it can be uncomfortable or if there is too much blue it can feel cold and repulsive. Here are the meanings of some colors according to feng shui:

Blue and black: These colors are associated with water energy according to feng shui and support the inner world. Blue and black help with focus, thinking, meditation and creative activities.

Red: The red color associated with the fire element supports the life energy. Red, the color of blood, can speed up heart rate and pressure, as well as relieve depression. It is the color of passion and love.

Green: According to feng shui, the green color symbolizes the energy of development, profitability and action.

Yellow: Its yellow color associated with earth energy represents Mother Earth. Yellow, one of the feng shui colors, cheers up, gives hope and increases mental activity.

White and Metallic Colors: These colors symbolizing purity are associated with metal energy and support attention and focus.

Feng Shui Decoration Rules

1.Leave a Good Impression at Your Entrance Door

welcome written entrance mat

To draw energy into your home, you need to have an intimate entrance door. Door colors can also be preferred according to the energy of the colors. “Welcome” mats can also be used.

2.Use Natural Crystals

natural crystals

Crystals also have their own energy. For example, pink quartz represents love, tourmaline represents protection, and topaz represents presence and healing.

3.Remove the Clutter from Your Life

Too much clutter blocks the flow of energy and confuses the mind, according to feng shui teaching. A clean and orderly environment enables the mind to be opened.

4. Make Sure There Is A Flow Of Air And Light Into Your Home

Air is very important as it is based on the basic meaning of the feng shui philosophy and there must be air flow to the interior. The combination of natural light and air is believed to bring good energy and regeneration.

5.Position the Beds and Tables Towards the Door Entry

According to the feng shui decoration rules, facing towards the entrance of the doors reduces vulnerability and increases strength.

6.Add Natural Pieces

plant and bed

You can include house plants in the decoration of each room. Plants not only increase energy but also naturally purify the air and contribute to health.

Abundance at Home with 7 Feng Shui Decorating Tips

modern living room with fireplace

Feng shui nedirYou now know the answers to questions such as, “What are the feng shui decoration rules”. Let’s come to the feng shui decoration suggestions we have compiled for you. According to these suggestions, you can easily apply the feng shui home layout and decoration and increase the fertility of your home.

1. Determine the Energy Map of Your Home

Feng shui house layout The most commonly used thing when applying is the bagua map. The Bagua map analyzes the energy of a space and shows what elements are required to increase the energy flow. A bagua map consists of 9 compartments, each associated with a color and element. These also help shape your décor. Compartments of the Bagua map:

  • Entity – tree
  • Fame – fire
  • Love – earth
  • Family – tree
  • Health – soil
  • Children – metal
  • Wisdom – earth
  • Career – water
  • Helpful people – metal

2. Feng Shui Bedroom

modern bedroom

Feng shui bedroom decoration When applying, first place the mattress as far from the doorway as possible. The feng shui bed direction should be facing the door, although not directly. You should avoid having too many electronic devices near the sleeping area. In fact, if possible, you should not have a television in your bedroom.

Since the television often becomes the focal point, it destroys the restful energy of the room. In addition to these, if you have a metal or wooden bedstead, you can use linens in pastel tones. Never put your bed in front of the window. The fragile structure of glass reduces your sleep quality.

Using shades of green and blue colors in the bedroom will also help you increase the relaxing and calming energy.

3. Feng Shui Salon

modern living room in shades of green

When decorating the room according to the feng shui home layout, start with the largest furniture in the room. Considering that the biggest items in living rooms and living rooms are the sofas, you should make sure that the seat is positioned against the door and its back against the wall.

A few centimeters of space can be left for air passage between the seat and the wall in the wall-based part. Another issue that should be paid attention to is that there are not too many items to make the room look messy.

When choosing among the living room coffee table models, you can choose an oval corner shepa instead of the ones with sharp corners. For curtains, you can use one of the most translucent ones. By placing house plants under the windowsill, an increase in energy can be achieved in the decor.

4. Feng Shui in Home Office Decoration

wooden desk

According to feng shui home decoration, the most important point in home office decor is to eliminate clutter. It is more efficient if at least 50% of the top of the working table is empty. Similar to the placement plans for other rooms, you should place the desk towards the door. This location will give you strength and efficiency while working.

Soft yellow and green tones of feng shui colors will be functional in terms of calmness and focus. Again, you should include living room plants in home offices.

5.Use Vases and Fresh Flowers

golden vase

According to feng shui home decoration, freshly plucked flowers can bring naturalness and joy to your home. It is equally important to be gentle with live flowers, that is, to keep the vase and water they are in clean. When the flowers are dry, it would be best to throw them away. According to feng shui philosophy, it is not recommended to have dried flowers at home.

On the other hand, your choice is also important in this regard, as vases used for flowers or as home decor can be produced in various colors, shapes, and different materials. Each vase of different materials radiates different feng shui energies.

For example:

Earth Element: Vases made of ceramic or earth evoke the earth element. Dogtas Valentin ceramic vase it could be a good example of an earth-powered vase.

Metal ElementMetal vases can be used for metallic elements that symbolize joy and beauty energies in life.

6.Use Candles for the Energy of the Fire Element

matte black glass candle set

Candles not only add a different atmosphere to the ambiance, but also add the properties of the fire element to the space where they are located. In many beliefs, including feng shui, candles symbolize luminous wisdom.

You too Doğtaş candle setYou can increase the energy of the fire element by using or different high quality, organic candles for decoration.

7.Mirrors Symbol of Wisdom and Clarity

white console and mirror

He believes that feng shui mirrors symbolize wisdom and clarity and always reflect the truth. When applying feng shui house layout, never place two mirrors opposite each other. This will prevent the positive energy from being trapped between the mirrors and dispersing in your home.

In addition, it is important that the mirrors used are of high quality. In this direction, you can examine Doğtaş’s high quality and stylishly designed mirror models.