6 Ways to Activate Fat-Burning Hormones

Hormones play a big role in the functioning of our body, and each one has very important functions.

While one makes us feel hungry, the other does the opposite. While one tells our brain that we need to store fat in any case, the other gives us a signal to start burning as if there is no tomorrow.

The trick is learning how to turn on the hormones we want and turn off the hormones we don’t want.

Photo: Lwa/Dann Tardif/Blend /Getty Images

1. What can be done to the hormone that makes you feel hungry?

“I am hungry” he flashes the warning signal to the brain. A hormone that informs your brain that it’s time to eat is usually successful when it takes action. It can even break diets.

What to do?

Cardio exercises will be a great choice. Fat-burning exercises increase your heart rate. Whatever you like jogging, weight training, boxing, get moving.