15 Home Inventions That Merit Nobel Prize

There are many inventions that make our life easier. But you can never stop for imagination and development.

We wanted to share with you 15 household items, some of which you know, some you may never see, that you will call health to the minds of the inventors.

15. Rear heated mirror

The part of the mirror that is heated from behind will never fog up.

14. Double squeeze toothpaste

No more fighting “why did you squeeze the toothpaste in the middle” at home!

13. Belt without buckle

The buckle does not stick to your belly and the belt is not visible under the clothes.

12. Double sided bedside lamp

Ideal solution for hotel rooms and rooms with double beds at home.

11. Multi-purpose phone holder

Whether you put your phone or hang the iPad on the car seat, children watch cartoons on the road.

10. Digital piggy bank

With this invention, there is no need to pour individual coins out of the jar and count each time. It also motivates people to accumulate disorders.

9.Folding sunglasses

Foldable sunglasses, which are preferred by many people today, take up little space in the bag and the risk of breakage is much less.

8. Overlapping curtains

You can pull the curtains on top of each other and sleep soundly until the morning without any light.

7.Mini iron

You can easily take the life-saving mini iron anywhere.

6.Portable light balls

When you wake up to go to the toilet at night or when the electricity is cut off, you can easily find your way by taking these balls of light in your hand. Also ideal for kids who are afraid of the dark!

5.Mini charger

No need to comment too much ­čÖé I need every home!

4. Lighted shower head

It is not just for decorative purposes. It also shows the temperature of the water. Since it runs on water power, it does not need batteries or charging.

3.Smart bed

It recognizes you, feels you and adjusts itself accordingly. The smart mattress recognizes its owner based on body temperature. If you are cold, it warms you up. It even wakes you up in the morning.

2. Butterfly-shaped keyboard

With its different design, it allows you to keep your hands in a natural position while typing on the computer.

1. Easy slicer

With this creative tomato slicer, you can easily slice many fruits, vegetables and eggs.